CCL Engery Solar Donation to GCARS

The Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society would like to thank CCL Engery for their generous donation of a 13.2KW Solar System.

Max (VK4QLD), one of GCARS new members identified an opportunity to donate a complete solar system with installation to GCARS for the benefit of all club members. GCARS is currently in a growth phase with a number of Radio and Building improvements underway, so it was much appreciated to have the opportunity to future proof GCARS and provide further financial stability and predictability. 

Located at 85 Harper Street, Molendinar, the club house is open on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Even though the club house is open twice per week, the existing base load and multiple air conditioning units result in a quaintly energy bill of circa $250 per quarter. As a non for profit community club, we are seeking as many efficiencies as possible.

CCL Energy’s kind donation will yield GCARS approximately 58kw per day (avg), which will result is a energy bill in credit for many years to come. 

Due to CCL Energy’s generosity, GCARS will be able to further invest, build, and develop the local Amateur Radio Community and re allocate funds to other meaningful projects both for the community and it’s members.

CCL Energy was able to schedule an installation time suitable to GCARS and performed the installation to the highest standard. GCARS has a high membership level on technically strong individuals and we are pleased with the outcome.

On behalf on The Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society, Thank you CCL Energy and Max VK4QLD for your donation.

Our meter working overtime – It has since been replaced by an up todate meter


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