Amateur Radio on the Gold Coast (more details to be added)

Radio Society of Qld established in Brisbane
RSofQ convey meeting in Southport, calling for locals to form a wireless club

 1964  14 Amateur Radio Operators on the Gold Coast
 1970 Oct

Inaugural meeting of Gold Coast Radio Club (members & assets of  Southport Radio Club absorbed)
 1971  37 Amateur Radio operators on the Gold Coast
 1974 Sept 15
2 metre repeater used for first time on the Gold Coast with around 30 callbacks
 Club name changed to Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society
 First GCARS Hamfest held
 1983  Start of the build of the GCARS building in Harper St
 1986  Jan
First GCARS meeting in the Harper St building
GCARS becomes an Incorporated Socirty
 1988  Club membership
 2015  GCARS establishes
 2018  GCARS commissions a DMR repeater on Wongawallan
 2020  Oct50th Anniversary of the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Socirty
 2024  100th Anniversary of Amateur Radio on the Gold Coast