UHF CB Ch 04 and Ch 05

Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society Inc. (GCARS) hold the radio licences for

Channel 04/34 (Off line) and Channel 05/35 (On line)

These 2 repeaters are located at Springbrook, thus giving a very large footprint for the CB community to use.

Please note that UHF CB Ch 05 Repeater and the input UHF CB Ch 35 are for Emergency use only. The Australian Government has legislated that channels 05 & 35 on the UHF CB Band are reserved for emergency use only, there are penalties that can be imposed by the authorities.

GCARS are not responsible for anything that is said ect on these 2 UHF CB Repeaters.

Further information can be obtained from Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) https://www.acma.gov.au/licences/citizen-band-radio-stations-class-licence