VK4RGC | Springbrook is now online!

The Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society (GCARS) has exciting news to share with our community. After much effort, we have finally secured a new repeater site in Springbrook, QLD. This is a significant achievement as finding a suitable location for a repeater has been quite challenging, given the various factors such as terrain, accessibility, and legal requirements.

The GCARS team, including important members such as Aiden VK4APM and Mark VK4DMH, wasted no time in installing the once ever so popular GCARS repeater, VK4RGC (146.700 -600khz + T123). The team has worked hard to ensure that the repeater is operational and performing to the best of its abilities. They have even conducted tests and optimizations to ensure that the repeater is providing clear and reliable communications to the wider community. Since being commissioned, we have received several fascinating signal reports within 150km radius. So please tune up and say hello!

The repeater site in Springbrook has proven to be an ideal location for VK4RGC as it provides a wide coverage area for the Gold Coast and surrounding regions. The GCARS team has expressed their gratitude to all the stakeholders who have supported our mission and goals.

The installation of VK4RGC is a great example of the dedication and hard work put in by the GCARS team. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that the repeater is operational and providing an essential service to the amateur radio community. This new site ensures that the GCARS club can continue to provide reliable communications for their members, while also promoting the hobby of amateur radio to the wider community.

With many more exciting projects scheduled to occur at the new repeater site, GCARS is now better equipped to continue providing excellent services to their members and the wider community, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors.